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Rules & Guidelines for the AnimeIowa Forums
« on: November 02, 2006, 09:15:53 AM »
To ensure that the AnimeIowa Forums are enjoyable and safe for our convention attendees and Internet visitors, we've established the following Forum Rules and Guidelines.  All AnimeIowa Forum users need to follow these and the AnimeIowa Forum Terms of Usage (which you agreed to when you joined the Forum).  We wish we didn't need such rules, but a few trolls have shown us that we do! :P


  • Keep your posts PG-13 and legal.
    AnimeIowa is a family-oriented convention and our forums are visited by members of all ages and sensitivities.  So please do not swear or use racial slurs, and keep adult innuendo within "prime time" limits.

  • Use common courtesy!
    We're all human and we have different points of view, so disagreements will occur.  That's okay!  However, using this forum to maliciously harass or belittle anyone is not allowed.  So no flaming!  Be polite and respect the opinions of your fellow Forum users.

  • Use appropriate Forum Netiquette.
    There are lots of good on-line Netiquette guides, and they cover items such as posting to the appropriate Forum area, avoiding double posting, etc.  (CLICK HERE to see Wikipedia's Forum Netiquette summary.)  These guidelines will help people find and respond to your posts.  

  • Don't compromise anyone's security.
    Never publicly post any personal information such as addresses, telephone numbers, full/real-life names, etc.  If someone asks for this kind of information in a personal message (PM) or email, don't feel compelled to reply if you don't feel comfortable about it.

  • Limit the size of your avatar image and signature.
    Not everyone has high-speed internet access, and large user files really slow down the Forum.  Your user avatar must be 100 by 100 pixels (or smaller), and the file size should be less than 80kB.  If you use a signature image, it should be no larger than 600 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall, and its file should be less than 100kB.  If you want a larger signature image, consider using a link instead of showing it directly on the Forum page.

  • Stay on topic.
    If a conversation strays too far off the thread's topic, you may be asked to steer it back, or take the discussion to Private Messages or a new topic.

  • Stay OFF politics and religion.
    As we all know, the quickest way to start an argument is to talk about politics or religion.  So to help keep things courteous, we don't allow political or religious discussions or images on the AnimeIowa Forums, EXCEPT as they pertain to anime or manga.  That means you MAY discuss the political intrigues of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but may NOT endorse or denounce candidates, political parties, etc. :-X

  • Make your posts easy to read.
    Don't use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (which is considered "shouting") or excessive abbreviations (such as 2 for too or to, u for you, etc.).  Reasonable grammar and spelling will make your posts much more likely to be read.

  • Don't spam.
    We don't allow commercial advertisements here.  We also request that you don't spam with excessive one-line posts. ::)  Some examples would be:
         "Yeah, that was good."
         "Whee! *glomps User-X*"

    Please post thoughtfully so that your posts add something worthwhile to the thread.

  • Listen to the Forum Team.
    If a member of the AnimeIowa Forum Team (a Moderator, Ninja, or Administrator) contacts you or makes a post to you, please do what they suggest.  They're really not out to persecute you, but just want what's best for the Forum and its users.

  • Help us help you.
    While we would like to be able to monitor our Forums 24/7, that just isn't possible. If you see or experience something you feel needs to be addressed, please send a Private Message or E-mail to that thread's Moderator or one of our helpful Forum Ninjas.  In your message, be sure to include the URL address (or a link) to the page of the content in question so that we can easily find it.  If your concern is regarding a Forum Moderator or Ninja, please contact any of the Forum Administrators.

The AnimeIowa Forum Team appreciates your support in following these rules, and hopes that they'll help keep our Forums a place you'll enjoy visiting!  Thanks, and we'll see you on the Forums and at the convention! :)
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