Author Topic: Rules & Guidelines for Chatting on the AnimeIowa Forums  (Read 3048 times)

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Rules & Guidelines for Chatting on the AnimeIowa Forums
« on: August 02, 2009, 07:42:32 AM »
It happens to all of us occasionally... you're posting insightful thoughts to your favorite Forum thread, and you somehow get distracted. ::)  You can't help but comment on a vaguely related issue, someone responds, and before you know it, the entire thread is way off-topic. :'(

But sometimes you really DON'T want to stay "on topic"!  You just want to talk about whatever, perhaps vent a bit, or just hang out with your anime friends.  Yep, you just want to CHAT! ;)  The right place for chatting on the AnimeIowa Forums is NOT by posting to various threads.  The RIGHT place for chatting is in the AnimeIowa Chatroom!

Things ARE a bit more relaxed in the Chatroom, and so some of the general Forum guidelines don't apply there.  But to ensure that the AnimeIowa Chatroom is enjoyable and safe for everyone, we've got a few Chatroom Rules and Guidelines.  (Yeah, we know that rules aren't much fun, but a few Forum Trolls have demonstrated that we need them! :-X)


  • Follow the AnimeIowa Forum Terms of Usage!
    These common-sense rules are the best way to keep things friendly, fun, and legal while chatting.  You agreed to abide by them when you joined the Forum, and they apply to our Chatroom too.  You can review our Terms of Usage by CLICKING HERE.

  • Keep your chatting PG-13.
    AnimeIowa is a family-oriented convention and our chatroom may be visited by members of all ages and sensitivities.  So please do not swear or use racial slurs, and keep adult innuendo within "prime time" limits.

  • Be nice! :angel:
    We're all human and we have different points of view, so disagreements will occur.  That's okay!  A lot can be learned from a heated, but respectful, discussion.  However, using the chatroom to harass or belittle anyone is not allowed.  Be polite and respect the opinions of your fellow chatroom users.

  • Keep your chat messages brief.
    Short messages of a few sentences keep conversations going.  Don't worry too much about spelling or grammar - it's usually better to respond quickly than to spend lots of time editing typos.  Reasonable use of chat & texting abbreviations are okay, but don't expect everyone to understand them.

    You do know that it's considered "shouting", don't you?

  • Keep personal information personal!
    Never publicly provide any personal information such as addresses, telephone numbers, full/real-life names, etc.  If someone asks for this kind of information, don't feel pressured to give it to them.  However, if you're SURE that you DO want to provide personal information to someone, send it to them in a Forum message or E-mail, NOT in the chatroom where everyone can see it.

  • Listen to the Forum Team.
    If a member of the AnimeIowa Forum Team contacts you (Moderator and Ninjas have GREEN names, Administrators have RED names), please do what they ask.  They're really not out to persecute you, but just want what's best for the other people in the chatroom.

  • Help us help you.
    While we would like to be able to monitor the AnimeIowa Chatroom 24/7, that just isn't possible. If you see or experience something you feel is inappropriate and needs to be addressed, tell us!  Please copy as much of the chat text as possible, and E-mail it to aiforumsATanimeiowaDOTcom (replace the capital letters with the appropriate symbols).  A Forum Team member will contact you to discuss your concerns.

The AnimeIowa Forum Team appreciates your support in following these Rules & Guildline, and hopes that they'll keep our chatroom fun and inviting!  We'll see you in the chatroom and at the convention! :)
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